Counterfeit Money Detector

Counterfeit Money Detector

Product details of Counterfeit Money Detector - Black

  • Portable and Inexpensive Counterfeit Money Detector
  • Functions on Most of Major International Currency Bills
  • Easy to Use - Secure and Convenient for Business and Personal Use
  • Compact and Light-Weight
  • Verifies currency, ID's, Driver's Licenses
  • Verifies Credit Cards, Passports and Other Documents
  • 2 Pieces 6W Ultraviolet Blue Lamp
  • 220V-230V
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Double Insulation

About Counterfeit Money Detector

The Money Detector Checker Machine provides a compact and portable counterfeit detection solution for homes, offices, and businesses. The detection bulb easily detects fake notes and ID cards by revealing fluorescent strips, dots, and other markings that are invisible to the naked eye. 
This is the complete solution for businesses that are in a constant fight against fake and counterfeit notes an IDs. It is easy to carry due to its ultra portable shape. Never accept a fake note again. Ideal for businesses that accept large sums of cash such as for bankers, jewelers, hospitals, clinics etc. 
This machine can and should be used anywhere and everywhere to prevent fraudulent transactions.

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