Finis Perfume Phenyle 1L

Finis Perfume Phenyle 1L

Household Disinfectant

Active Ingredient
:  Terpentine, Terpenol, Carbolic Acid
:  Pleasing Pine Odor
:  Milky White (Emulsion)
Nature of Product
:  Strong Disinfectant (Germ Killer)
Pack Size
:  1 Ltr
Manufactured by
:  Standard Finis Oil Co
Marketed by
:  Standard Finis Oil Co.


Effectively kills germs of typhoid, malaria, measles, diphtheria, hopping cough, cholera, diarrhea etc. Repels flying insects and keeps the environment hygienic and fresh.

How To Use

Add one cork full (30ml) Finis Perfume Phenyle per liter water. Regular use of this Phenyle will help keep your Kitchen, Toilet, Drain, Bathroom, General Floor Germ Free and smelling fresh.

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