Naphthalene Ball 500 gm

Naphthalene Ball 500 gm

Naphthalene balls, also known as moth balls or camphor balls, are spherical pieces of a white solid material containing at least 98 percent naphthalene. They were widely used to repel moths and cockroaches and as deodorants for urinals and bathrooms. Naphthalene is carcinogenic and poses several other health hazards, so it is no longer used for household purposes in several countries. It is still widely available in several Asian countries, where naphthalene balls are used to preserve woolen fabrics.


  • During the summers when you do not need the warm woolens, or during the winters when you do not need the light cotton clothes, you have to store them away till you can use them later. Wash these clothes properly, and put them away in the cupboard with some mothballs to keep fabric-eating insects away.
  • Are rodents coming and spoiling your well-kept lawn? Are the rabbits chewing away on your favorite rose plant? Mothballs can be placed in the garden soil or near flowerbeds to keep the pesky animals away. You can also crush and scatter them in the pots, so as to avoid an infestation of insects. Do not forget to replace these frequently, as they are affected by moisture from the soil and rain.
  • Bats in the attic? Mothballs keep the bats from entering. Their pungent smell will drive away the snakes and other reptiles too.
  • Rats and mice feel suffocated by the smell of naphthalene. It reduces the oxygen-carrying capacity of their RBCs. Hence, mothballs will not only prevent their pesky presence in the house, but also inadvertently avoid the chances of them breeding inside your house.
  • You can also protect your stored silverware from rusting. While putting it away in a bag, just add a mothball or two. That will be enough to keep them shining.
  • While storing away some things in a box, you can place some mothballs to protect them from silverfish.
  • While vacuuming, add some naphthalene balls in the vacuum bag. This kills fleas or insects that are sucked in.
  • The smell given out by a dead animal, is enough to make anyone feel sick. Being good deodorizers, the smell of mothballs will balance the rotten smell coming from outside.

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