Fresh Drinking Water 5 L

Fresh Drinking Water 5 L

Super Fresh Drinking Water is popular and the market leader among the drinking water brands in Bangladesh. It is clear, transparent, free from microorganisms and refined in seven stage of purification process as De-Iron, Pre-Ozone, De-Odor, Softening, Reverse Osmosis, Ultraviolet Treatment and Ozonation. Hygiene practice is maintained in every step of our refining process. So, Super Fresh Drinking Water is safest, reenergizing, refreshing, trendy and suitable for human body. In February, 2013, a new brand of water "No.1 Drinking Water" also was introduced to the market to cater the popular segment

Brand: Super Fresh Drinking Water, No.1 Drinking Water

Technology Used: 3 steps of refining process by Prominent Germany

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