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Green Elachi (Cardemon) 50 gm

Cardamom has a pungent yet elusive flavor, resinous and dark with hints of eucalyptus. These fresh, ..


Horlicks Jar 550gm

If you are concerned about your baby’s prosperity, buy horlicks jar from chaldal which contains a wi..


Mothers Horlicks Box

 Mothers Horlicks Box 350gmCombining the goodness of essential micronutrients and fatty acids, ..


Womens Horlicks Jar 400gm

MythFactMythTo maintain strong bones you don’t just need an adequate intake of Calcium, but als..


Bangas Grand Choice Salted Biscuit

Bangas Grand Choice Salted Biscuit 100 gmProduct description:Crunchy, salted biscuits with extra boo..


Bay Leaves (Tejpata) 50 gm

These leaves have a milder flavor, but more complex flavor than that of domestic bay. They add a sub..